​INVEST COLLEGIATE is a tuition-free public charter school.  Any child who is qualified under the laws of North Carolina for admission to a public school is qualified for admission to a charter school.  To qualify to attend a NC public school, a student must be a resident of North Carolina.  County boundaries or school attendance areas do not affect charter school enrollment.  
INVEST COLLEGIATE does not limit admission to students on the basis of intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, disability, race, creed, gender, national origin, religion or ancestry.  
Open enrollment for INVEST COLLEGIATE Transform will begin on November 1 and ends on January 31, 2017 at 8pm. The open enrollment period will be made public through a variety of methods including the school website, local advertising, and through communications with families of currently enrolled students. At that time, it will be determined if we have more applications than spaces available for each grade. Any applications that are received after the January 31st  deadline will be added to the waiting list in the order that they are received.
We are currently enrolling for the 2017-2018 School Year! Enroll today, seats are limited!

Open House is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 9:30am.
During each period of enrollment, INVEST COLLEGIATE will accept applications for new students.  Once enrolled, students are not required to enroll in subsequent enrollment periods.  In order to properly plan, the school will routinely inquire of parents of currently enrolled students in early spring through letters of intent to ascertain if students will return to INVEST COLLEGIATE.  
During the enrollment period, INVEST COLLEGIATE will enroll all eligible students who submit an application within this period, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the school, class, and grade level.  If the number of applications exceeds the number of available spaces, a lottery will be held to fill vacant seats for the next school year.  After seats are filled, the drawing will continue to determine the order of a waiting list.  Current year waiting lists will dissolve when the next enrollment period begins.  
Lottery procedures will comply with the NC Open Meetings Laws provided in G. S.143-218.10(a).  INVEST COLLEGIATE will publicize the date, time, and location of the meeting and allow anyone to attend.  
Sibling Preference
At INVEST COLLEGIATE, during the lottery, school officials will enter one surname for all the siblings applying at the same time and if that name is drawn, all children are admitted simultaneously.  According to revised charter school law, a sibling is defined as half siblings, stepsiblings, and children residing in a foster home.  In the case of seniors, the sibling preference will be granted if the lottery takes place before graduation and the sibling is enrolled in the school.  In the case of multiple births, one surname is placed in the lottery.  If the multiple birth siblings are in different grades, parents will be asked to select the grade level to place the name.  That affords the parent rather than the school to make the selection.  If one slot remains in the grade span when the multiple birth sibling card is drawn, all of the multiple birth siblings will be admitted.  
Siblings of students who completed the highest grade offered by INVEST COLLEGIATE and were enrolled at least four years at INVEST COLLEGIATE will receive preference.  
Staff and Board Member Preference
Preference will be given to staff members in accordance with charter school law which states that staff members’ children must not exceed 15% of the school’s total enrollment.  This preference applies to children of full time employees.  
Board Members

According to the current INVEST COLLEGIATE bylaws (Section 2): Board members shall be sought who reflect the qualities and qualifications as follows: INVEST COLLEGIATE Directors MUST NOT be

The parent/guardian, step-parent, sibling, grandparent/step-grandparent, or family member of any currently or previously enrolled INVEST COLLEGIATE student.  ​​
Opportunity Preferences
If a former student was enrolled at INVEST COLLEGIATE within the last two academic years but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the parents, INVEST COLLEGIATE may grant an enrollment preference on a case by case basis as determined by the Head of School.  
Acceptance of Enrollment
In the case of a lottery, accurate records must be maintained throughout the entire process.  An accurate waiting list must be maintained and updated appropriately.  
Once enrollment has been offered, parents have ten days to inform INVEST COLLEGIATE In writing to accept or decline.  
In some cases, parents may be offered enrollment within 10 days of the first day of school. In that case, parents must respond by the day before first day of school in order to secure their child’s enrollment.  If a child is offered enrollment at any point during the first twenty (20) days of school, parents have twenty-four (24) hour to return their acceptance to the school.  Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of that offer of enrollment.​

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